July 2023 Goals

July 2023 Goals

Hi friends!  I can't believe we're already to July!

Before I talk about my goals for July, I want to let you know how I did with June for accountability and all that.

  • Ella's quilt top by Wednesday for the UFO club - Got it done!

  • Next UFO Club draw - A really old project was drawn for July. A chevron quilt I started probably 8-10 years ago. I finished the top, basted, and quilted it, but it still needs binding by Wednesday.
  • Terri's t-shirt quilt - Done!

  • Dawn's t-shirt quilt - Done!

  • Ella's quilt pattern released - NOT done...eep.  I'm almost done writing it, just need to finish the quilt layout and adjust the math for the bed size version.
  • Graph Rob's quilt - not even a little...lol.  I thought about it, but I was really caught up with getting the quilts done for graduation party and baby shower deadlines that I let computer and design stuff go a little.
  • One I didn't list but should have and did complete...Casie's baby quilt

Okay, so that's June, now let's press on to July!  Here are my July goals:

1. Release Ella's Quilt Pattern - This is my biggest writing priority.  I want to get this done and out for you all!  

2. Bind the Chevron Quilt - I'll need to finish this right away as our next UFO meeting is in 4 days!

3. List Fabric Bundles in my shop - YES!  I'm going to start carrying some curated fabric bundles in my shop...you're going to LOVE the first fabrics I've chosen!

4. Karen's Quilts - A sweet family has commissioned 5 memory quilts.  Each quilt is a different pattern; however, I've made them similar enough in the cutting and prep stages that I will likely be working on the 5 at once.  I would loooove to get all 5 finished this month, but realistically, I know I can at least get 3 finished and I'll try for 5.

5. Augusts UFO Draw - I won't know what this is until Wednesday, and I'm crossing my fingers it's a smaller project like a pillow.

6. Graph Rob's Quilt - I REALLY need to get this done.  I'm going to be hurting to get the quilt done by the beginning of December if I keep putting it off.

Whew! That's a lot!  But I'm excited for a fresh month and all the fun things coming up!

Have a great week and happy quilting!

Ps - If you haven't grabbed my Almost Plaid Placemats Pattern for FREE, hurry...it'll be going away soon!


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